Factory Seconds & Clearance
Factory Seconds & Clearance

Factory Seconds & Clearance

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Limited Supply. No Money Back Guarantee or Refunds on these.

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Factory Seconds (These products have flaws that make them unfit for retail sale)
-Cream ORIGINAL FORMULA deodorant in plastic jars, factory seconds that had an issue with the induction seal getting too hot.  The top layer of the deodorant might be red from the red printing on the seal that melted (see picture).  If this deodorant gets too hot in shipping the red might mix in with your melted deodorant, if it stays cool like it should in winter, you should be able to scrape it off the top later, but we can't guarantee that so if you are sensitive to red dye please don't order these.  - 2 jars for only $12.00 with free shipping.

Compostable EXTRA STRENGTH SENSITIVE FORMULA, factory seconds the glue for the paperboard is separating (see picture). The same deodorant you love is inside, the outside is just not up to our high standards. - 6 sticks for $35.00 with free priority mail shipping. 

No Money Back Guarantee or Refunds on these

***Please note that in order to make this the best deal possible we can not offer a money back guarantee on seconds or clearance, or offer refunds, so please only order them if you have used these products before and love them, and are okay with the reasons we are selling them at a discount***