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We craft our all-natural organic deodorant using completely organic ingredients – so you can use it as often as needed without worrying about toxins. Shop our inventory and buy organic deodorant online today!

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Organic Essential Oil Perfume

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“Its been 6 months now and my wife and I still think this product is great. So I am a man and I have lots of hair under my arms and I was skeptical. I mean I get smelly after a few hours working in hot South Florida outside. I work on boats and sometimes its 95 out and 105 inside the boat so I can get pretty hot. I can drink over a gallon a day and still be dehydrated. This product is not an anti-persperant – BUT – It is an a anti smell agent that just works fantastically for me. … I have been using it for approx 6 months now and its weird but I sometimes I forget to use it (because I never smell) and it is still working for me the next day. Maybe its because I have arm hair that retains some of the product I am not sure. This is the best product and its all I will ever use again.” – Amazon Customer Review

“BEST, truly natural deodorant out there! One light application last all day. No heavy perfume smells. The stick last a long time, so you really get your $$$ worth!” – Amazon Verified Purchase Review

“I have been really happy with this natural deodorant! I live in Arizona and this deodorant works in all of our seasons…hot, hot, or hotter :) I love that this product is natural and my pre-teen kiddo can use it liberally (he has no odor but is excited to add it to his hygiene routine for fun!) I also love that my underarm skin appears smoother than ever. I can shave and then apply this deodorant without any burning sensations. Great product!” – Amazon Verified Purchase Review


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