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Years and years ago, when our first born was just a baby, we got into clean eating and healthy body products.  We tried all the deodorants at the health food store, and none of them worked good in warm weather.  When we moved to the Keys, where it is hot almost every day of the year, my husband and I both gave up on using deodorant, since nothing worked well enough anyway. Many years later in the summer of 2013 I got inspired to make deodorant for us.  When my husband, who works outside, came home "not smelly" one hot and humid summer day, I knew I had something great! So I shared it with some local crunchy friends who also had great results. Person after person used it that long, hot, humid summer and they all raved about Island Deodorant and how well it worked. Countless people told me that I had something amazing and that I should offer it to the world. So I started this online store and put it on Amazon where you all have continued to tell me how grateful you are to finally have an organic deodorant that actually works AND your repeat purchases over the years (as well as your friends and family who order it because you told them about it) continues to show me you still love it just as much as you did when you first tried it!

Over the years a lot of our customers have asked for organic body care options, so I have decided to share a body care line of items I have been making for my family and myself for a long time.  I am sure you will love them as much as we do!

I am very passionate about offering exceptional products with organic ingredients, as well as providing amazing customer service, and as we continue to grow my focus will remain on these 2 most important things. 


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about island deodorant 

About Island Deodorant: We are a small family run business in Florida, where we proudly call home. I am a mother of 3. I am passionate about all things related to natural health and wellness. I love swimming in the ocean, gardening, and am extremely fond of dachshunds (and backyard chickens)   :)
about island deodorant