More About Island Deodorant

Island Deodorant came to be in the summer of 2013. Frustrated because I had yet to find a natural deodorant that really worked, I set out to create my own. When my husband, who works outside in the Florida Keys, came home "not smelly" one hot and humid summer day, I knew I had something great! So I shared it with local friends who also had great results. Person after person used it that long, hot, humid summer and they all raved about how well it worked. Countless people told me that I had something amazing and that I should offer it to the world. So here it is!


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about island deodorant 

Island Deodorant is a small family fun business in Florida, where I proudly call home. I am a mother of 3. I am passionate about all things related to natural health and wellness. I love swimming in the ocean and am extremely fond of dachshunds :)
about island deodorant