Organic Deodorant Ingredients - About

Our organic deodorant ingredients, left to right:
Jojoba oil, baking soda, shea butter, coconut oil, cornstarch, candelilla wax, probiotics

organic deodorant ingredients

Gluten free, Aluminum free, Paraben free, Alcohol free, GMO free, Cruelty free, and No added fragrance too


All our deodorants are handcrafted in small batches.

We pride ourselves on Amazing Customer Service and Amazing Deodorant.  Every single purchase includes lifetime manufacturer support. Our products last a long time and so does our support!  When you contact us, you are getting directly in touch with me, the owner, and I will always gladly help you. I believe in my product and I care about my customers.

Our deodorant really does work.  Read our probiotic deodorant reviews for yourself. Most people only need to use one or two thin swipes for up to 24 hour protection (some of our users report no odor for as long as 48 hours!) so a stick will last most people 2-3 months (occasionally even 4-6 months). If it doesn’t work for you, or if you ever have any problems with it just contact me.