Wholesale Deodorant Pricing

Wholesale Deodorant Purchase Pricing

Do you already love our deodorant and want to take advantage of discounted pricing? Have you shared Island Deodorant with a teammate or like-minded professional who sees the value of organic ingredients? Perhaps you run a natural product-focused small business and want to offer human- and Earth-friendly deodorant? No matter how you found our products, we offer standard wholesale deodorant pricing for orders of 100 units or more.

Deodorant That’s Built to Last

Our deodorants offer long-lasting, high-performance results for athletes, construction workers, individuals with primary focal hyperhidrosis, people who work outside, and general daily use. If you’ve used other deodorants before and they don’t seem to get the job done, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

High Performance in All Contexts

Our deodorant is specifically created to withstand the constant Florida heat (and similar climates), which we’ve experienced firsthand for multiple years running. If you work a grueling job outdoors, lead a busy and active life, or simply haven’t found a deodorant that works for your needs, we invite you to try ours.

Wholesome, Natural, Strong Ingredients

Island Deodorant is comprised of only a few ingredients, which include baking soda, coconut oil, candelilla wax, cornstarch, probiotics, and jojoba oil. When combined, these substances offer remarkable odor protection throughout the entire day.

All our wholesale deodorant products are also free of GMOs, added fragrances, parabens, aluminum, gluten, and animal ingredients or derivatives. Click here to learn more about our ingredients and how our products are made.

Island Deodorant offers wholesale deodorant pricing for our sensitive skin and probiotic deodorant varieties. We’ve found that these are two of our more popular products, so it made sense to offer them in wholesale quantities.


wholesale deodorant pricing

We also have special pricing on much smaller orders for small businesses - Please contact us for more details if you have a small business and would like to carry our deodorant.

Choose from:
-Original probiotic formula - our BEST seller!
-Extra Strength Sensitive probiotic formula (low baking soda)
-Sensitive probiotic formula (no baking soda)
  all come in plastic twist up containers

100-299 $12/each
300-1999 $11/each
1000-1499 $10/each
1500-2999 $9/each
3000+ $8/each
Plus shipping
Please contact us if you'd like to place a wholesale order 

We also Private Label if you'd like to sell it under your brand.  Private labeling is much cheaper!