Our Eco Friendly Commitment

As part of our eco friendly commitment, we offer our deodorants in compostable or glass containers, we have refill options, as well as the conventional recyclable plastic containers. 
If you are interested in cutting back on your plastic use, we encourage you to consider our eco friendly line


eco friendly deodorant in compostable shipping envelope

The majority of the items we ship get sent in these amazing 100% recycled content compostable shipping envelopes.


Our 4 and 6 packs get sent in USPS Priority Mail small flat rate small boxes, which meet Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) or Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification standards. Read more about USPS sustainability here.

We use greenwrap or repurposed packing materials to keep our glass jars safe during shipping. 



Our 10 packs come standard in plastic USPS Priority Mail padded flat rate envelopes, because it is by far the best rate and fastest shipping. However we are more than happy to ship your 10 pack in a USPS Priority Mail medium flat rate box for an additional $5, just include a note with your order, or contact us for a custom invoice.