Organic Deodorant White Label & Private Labeling

Organic Deodorant White Label & Private Labeling

Now with Lower Prices!

Island Deodorant offers our signature products through our private label organic deodorant program. Your customers will be thrilled to have a natural, Earth-friendly deodorant option that really works!

Island Deodorant believes in small businesses and supports them wholeheartedly with MOQ's as low as 300! We strive to make smaller private label organic deodorant orders accessible and affordable for your startup.

Prices are listed for our most popular products:

Our fomula in Plastic Bottom-Filled Containers provided by us

organic deodorant private label
3.25 ounces (22% more!) in a bottom filled, round plastic twist up container that we supply. Choose between black (shiny or matte), white (shiny or matte) or clear (shiny or matte) 

300-499* are $4.75/each^
500-799* are $4.55/each^
800+* are $4.30/each^
2,000+** are 4.15/each^
5,000+** are $4.05/each^

^price is subject to slight changes due to international shipping and supplier costs. 
*7 week lead time 
**8-9 week lead time 
Lead times are if the containers are in stock and they usually are.  (But it can be longer if we have to wait for the containers to be assembled, or entirely manufactured which can add up to 5 weeks to the process)

If you are willing to pay for air shipping we can save 4 weeks on the lead time.

This pricing does not include labels, or label application. Label application starts at $.25/each piece.

Larger Quantity orders can be screen printed for an even lower cost, saving you money on labels!   

Prices if you provide us with a 3.25 oz container
300-499* are $3.85/each to fill
500-999* are $3.70/each to fill
1000-1999* are $3.50/each to fill
2000+** are $3.30/each to fill
5000+** are $3.20/each to fill



Our formula in Paperboard Containers provided by you

organic deodorant private label
price is for 2.7 - 3.25 ounces in a compostable deodorant container you send us

300-499* are $3.85/each
500-999* are $3.70/each
1000-1999* are $3.50/each
2000+** are $3.30/each
5000+** are $3.20/each

*3-4 week lead time, **4-6 week lead time

You provide the container, it can be printed or unprinted.  We are happy to share our Alibaba supplier's information if you'd like to order from the same manufacturer as us.  Usually their lead time is 6-8 weeks but it can be longer.  (Our most recent order with them was qty 1000, 1 color ink, $650 including shipping)  Please send us an extra 10% containers in case we have a spill or splatter during production as these containers can't be cleaned off like plastic can.


Our formula in Plastic Containers provided by you

organic deodorant private label
price is for 2.7 - 3.25 ounces in a plastic deodorant container you send us

300-499* are $3.85/each
500-999* are $3.70/each
1000-1999* are $3.50/each
2000+** are $3.30/each
5000+** are $3.20/each

*3-4 week lead time, **4-6 week lead time

You provide the container, it can be printed or unprinted.  We are happy to share info on a supplier that other customers have use for a conventional oval shaped twist up container.


Your formula in Containers provided by you, you provide all formula ingredients

organic deodorant private label

price is for filling 2.65 - 3.25 ounces in a deodorant container you send us, with your formula that you provide all the ingredients for.  


300-499* are $2.79/each
500-999* are $2.45/each
1000-1999* are $1.70/each
2000+* are $1.32/each
6000+* are $1.12/each

*3-4 week lead time

You provide the container and all the ingredients



Organic Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

organic deodorant private label
price is for .15 ounces in a natural, white or black plastic twist up container provided by us

qty 200-499 for $1.50/each^
qty 500 for $1.35/each^
more than one batch of 500 for $1.25/ea^

^price depends on container availability, there are supply issues occasionally.

3-4 week lead time.  These will melt in warm weather, so the best time time to manufacture them is November through March.  

We do not provide labels or label application for lip balms.  We can provide the specs we use for our brand's lip balm label.  

200-300 fit in a USPS Medium Flat Rate box, 500 fit in a USPS Large Flat Rate box


Shipping will be calculated based on your address.  Deodorant orders under Qty 1,000 usually ship via UPS Ground (2-5 days), deodorant orders over Qty 2,000 usually ship via freight (7-10 days), but we can ship however you prefer. Local pick up is not available.

Custom formulations We can customize our best selling formula for you!  Maybe you want to add an ingredient or a scent? Custom formulations (including scents) cost $150/hour for time spent on the formula, plus the cost of supplies, with the sole purpose of getting you samples whether or not you like them or choose to proceed with ordering. Changes made to the formula may affect the per item price.  
Lead time on custom formula samples are 1-3 weeks.  Please contact us if you are interested in a custom formula for our private label organic deodorant.

Scented / Fragrance We can add any scent that you provide! 
Bulk Apothecary has a natural fragrance line that you can see here and if you don't care about it being natural, they have a HUGE fragrance selection here and of course you can source your fragrance from anywhere, we don't have to use Bulk Apothecary.  We can do essential oils but most private label customers decide not to once they see the additional cost, because essential oils cost quite a bit more than fragrance. 
Custom formulas cost $150/hour for my time spent on the formula, plus the cost of supplies if applicable, with the sole purpose of getting you formula samples to either approve or not. 1 scent usually takes around 1 hour to make samples, 2 scents take around 1.5 hours, 3-4 scents take 2 - 2.5 hours.  We only need you to send in a 2 ounce bottle of the fragrance of your choice in order to make samples of your custom scented formula.  Lead time on custom fragrance samples are usually 5-10 days weeks. 

Please note: We can split a batch and pour off part as unscented, and then add scent and pour the rest as scented, but we cannot do 2 scents in one batch - once we add fragrance to the batch the entire thing is scented and we can't take it back out.  Each scent will require it's own batch, our minimum batch size is 300 regular sized deodorants)

Payment  A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to schedule your run. The balance due will be requested a few days before your order is scheduled to ship. Your order will not ship until the balance due has been paid. We accept wire transfers, zelle, and cashier's checks for private label orders, we will not take credit cards or paypal. 

Lead time starts after deposit is received. 

Label Specs Label Specs and label printer recommendation, provided upon request

International orders you alone are responsible for knowing your country's requirements for importing, including fees, taxes, product labeling & claims, paperwork, etc...

Ingredients You can find all our ingredients lists on the individual product pages. If you do a custom formula, we will provide you with the ingredients list once the formula is finalized and approved.

All private label organic deodorant sales are final.  We will manufacture your products to the same high standards as we do our own. 

Please contact us with questions or to start your private label deodorant order!


We believe in small businesses, so we strive to make smaller private label orders accessible and affordable for your start up.

MSDS / SDS The items do not pose a danger to persons handling the products in the forms in which they are supplied. Therefore, these products are exempt from SDS Requirements under OSHA Hazard Communication Standards 1910.1200(b)(6)(vii) and 1910.1200(b)(5)(iii), which provide the following exemptions:

- 1910.1200(b)(6)(viii) Cosmetics which are packaged for sale to consumers in a retail establishment, and cosmetics intended for personal consumption by employees while in the workplace;

- 1910.1200(b)(5)(iii) Any food, food additive, color additive, drug, cosmetic, or medical or veterinary device or product, including materials intended for use as ingredients in such products (e.g. flavors and fragrances), as such terms are defined in the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (21 U.S.C. 301 et seq.) or the Virus-Serum-Toxin Act of 1913 (21 U.S.C. 151 et seq.), and regulations issued under those Acts, when they are subject to the labeling requirements under those Acts by either the Food and Drug Administration or the Department of Agriculture;