The Environmental Benefits of Natural Deodorant

The Environmental Benefits of Natural Deodorant

As worry for the environment grows, more and more people are learning how to take steps toward greener lifestyles. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to fill your health and beauty routines with natural products. Switching to organic ingredients, eliminating harmful chemicals, and focusing on eco-friendly packaging are all great ways to fill your shopping cart with environmentally friendly choices. One product that keeps both you and the planet healthy is natural deodorant. Learn more about the environmental benefits of natural deodorant and why it’s a better alternative with this guide.

No Harmful Chemicals

The biggest benefit of switching to natural deodorant is that you cut out harmful or artificial chemicals. Traditional deodorants and antiperspirants contain a chemical called triclosan. Even though this antibacterial agent is a common ingredient in many products—including soaps, toothpaste, and detergents—it’s toxic to marine life. This means that when your deodorant washes off your body and down the drain, it contaminates our water systems and threatens the organisms that live there. Antiperspirants also contain aluminum, which contaminates the environment by washing into waterways and spraying into the air.

Another ingredient you frequently find in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants is synthetic fragrances. In addition to being common skin irritants, these chemicals don’t break down in wastewater treatment plants. This means they go on to contaminate bodies of water and the organisms that live there. When you use natural deodorant, you use organic ingredients that don’t harm the environment.

Environmentally Responsible Packaging

The environmental benefits of natural deodorant extend beyond the product itself. When you purchase natural deodorant, you’re buying from a business that cares about the natural health of you and the environment. This means you’re supporting an eco-friendly business model that prioritizes the environment every step of the way. From compostable deodorant that doesn’t pollute the environment to recycled shipping materials that meet sustainability standards, these products create a greener, more sustainable choice for your health and beauty routine.

Here at Island Deodorant, we want our products and our overall business to be the best it can be for you and the world in which you live. We make our deodorant, body creams, and lip balms with organic, natural ingredients that leave you feeling clean, fresh, and luxurious.