Compostable Deodorant

Our compostable deodorants with probiotics for odor control are made from completely natural and organic ingredients. For 100% compostable, zero-waste deodorants that really work, we’ve got you covered! Shop our online store to find fully compostable, eco-friendly, and effective deodorant for your needs. Don’t wait to buy our quality biodegradable deodorant that will make you feel as good as you smell; get your next body care obsession now!

When you buy compostable deodorants online from Island Deodorant, you’ll receive our completely organic deodorant, which comes in its own all-natural, non-plastic, renewable, entirely biodegradable deodorant tube. Our vegan products are BPA-, gluten-, aluminum-, paraben-, and alcohol-free. So, when you order from Island Deodorant, you can be certain your body absorbs only the best all-natural ingredients on the planet.