Gleam Hair Oil

glass bottle with golden oil
Years ago I spent a good chunk of my time learning all about DIY hair coloring and bleaching.  I am a DIYer at heart, and found this to be a fascinating topic!  Kinda doesn't make sense for an organic living person, does it?  But hear me out.  I started going grey young.  Very young.  Before I knew any better I was full on coloring my hair with box color.  Then when I learned better I quit, but was back to being stuck with my greys.  Living in the Keys it wasn't that big of a deal.  The majority of people there don't care what you wear, what you drive, and make up is rarely worn.  It's an amazingly free community in many ways.   But I am also am artsy person and as the balayage and grey blending trend started, I wanted in.  Of course, I wanted to do it myself, to satisfy my need to create. And so off I went to learn.

That's when I ran across the Killer Strands blog.  When I found it the author had already passed away, so the products she sold where not actually available anymore.  (If you go check it out please be forewarned that her writing style is hard to read sometimes, and she comes across as quirky, but there are some amazing nuggets of info that she has shared with the world if you can look past all that.)  Thankfully, she left behind a kind and helpful community of DIYers who are happy to share what they have learned over the years, as well as the nuggets of info the author left behind.  It was there that I discovered Gleam Hair Oil (here's a google advanced search to the blog if you want to submerse yourself in all things gleam hair oil).  A kind soul was good enough to share the ingredients listed on her remaining bottle of Gleam Hair Oil, and I took that and ran with it.  I purchased the top ingredients, and tested them out one by one for greasy/dry feeling.  I wanted to come up with a daily use oil for hair that wouldn't leave it greasy (now our 5 oil blend) as well as one that would be good for intensive, overnight, and pre-bleaching use but is a bit more greasy feeling (now our 6 oil blend with argan oil). 

While researching each and everyone of the oils I realized they'd be amazing for skin as well, so feel free to use them on your skin too.  I even made a blend with added rose de mai because it is such an amazing product for facial skin.