Probiotics via Fermented Foods

One of the very first supplements I added to our diet when we first went more natural, was probiotics. Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms for your gut, which are good for all kinds of health reasons, digestion being just one of those. Chances are, you already know about this, but if not, check out this article for a quick run down.

A tasty way to add more beneficial microorganisms into your diet is by drinking or eating fermented foods - probiotics via fermented foods. You can buy fermented foods, like yogurt or sauerkraut or you make them yourself!  We do buy a lot of things, but I try to make what I can.  But, I have 3 kids. And a husband. And a home. And a business.  And I don’t have a lot of extra time. So, when I tell you I have found an easy way to make fermented foods, trust me that it really is easy!

There are 2 fermented foods that we make regularly.  Kombucha, a fermented tea (you can find it at your local health food store, bottled and in the fridge if you want to try it before you make it) and sauerkraut.

Probiotics via Fermented Foods

Here are both of my easy recipes:

Kombucha Recipe

Sauerkraut Recipe

If you like fermented foods, these are some easy ones you can make yourself very inexpensively.

What a tasty way to get more probiotics in your life!


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