How to grow a kombucha scoby from bottled kombucha

How to grow a kombucha scoby from bottled kombucha There are rumors floating around the internet that this no longer works. However, I did successfully grow my current kombucha scoby from a bottle of kombucha I bought at Publix this summer (July 2014). Make tea like in the kombucha recipe. Then pour a bottle of kombucha from the store (buy the bottle with the most floaties, flavored is fine) into the tea and stir with a clean, non metal spoon. Cover your glass container with a clean cloth and secure with a rubber band/tape around the opening to keep out bugs and dirt and such. Leave it on your kitchen counter for 2 – 3 ½ weeks and if the kombucha had enough 'scoby' bacteria/yeasts in it, you will notice a thin SCOBY has formed on the surface of your tea. If it is kinda creamy tan, and not too many 'holes' in the surface, it is a nice and healthy SCOBY that is now your new 'mother' to use for future brews! Take the newly formed 'mother' and follow the kombucha recipe!

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