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Creamy Coconut Lime - Essential Oil Perfume
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Creamy Coconut Lime - Essential Oil Perfume

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Our unisex essential oil perfume, Creamy Coconut Lime, has crisp and sweet lime, the warmth of coconut & almond, the creaminess of vanilla with the sweet woodiness of cedarwood atlas & sandalwood blended together in a refreshing, creamy scent. 

Ingredients: unrefined jojoba oil*, essential oils & absolutes (lime*, almond, litsea*, coconut*, tonka, cedarwood atlas, vanilla*, sandalwood*, orris) *organic 
(We can use organic fractionated coconut oil instead of jojoba oil, just add your request as a note with your order) Absolutes are hexane free and have no residual solvents.

Free of synthetic & toxic fragrances - only pure essential oils & absolutes
Oil based perfume so it lasts longer than alcohol based
Full ingredient disclosure
Small enough to take everywhere with you


The initial top notes of crisp & sweet lime, give way to a long lasting creamy vanilla sandalwood.  We find the scent starts out strong and then slowly fades over the next several hours into a less intense creamy woody citrusy scent that continues to linger for many more hours on our skin while continuing to fade.

No refunds or returns on perfume - please consider buying a sample size before committing to a bigger bottle.

We use 20% essential oils which makes this a Parfum.  Do you know the difference?  Eau de parfum contains around 12% oils, Eau de toilette contains around 7% oils, and splash colonge contains around 2% oils.

This one also works well layered with one of our other scents, if you want to give them a citrus-y boost!

To use: Gently roll the container in your hand to mix the essential oils with the carrier oil. (tip: we like to store ours on it's side so the scent doesn't all settle on the bottom) Unscrew the black top, and using the roller ball apply the oils to your skin.  Start with a just a little until you know how it blends with your body chemistry - the scent intensity is different on everyone, and it smells differently on different people.  We do not recommend using it on babies or young children, as they can be more sensitive to essential oils.  

Our natural fragrance perfume is bottled in a blue glass roller ball container to protect the essential oils from light.  Store your essential oil perfume out of direct sunlight, and in a temperature controlled environment as much as possible and it will last a long time.  We use jojoba oil (or fractionated coconut oil at your request) because they resist oxidizing (turning rancid).  

Why use a non toxic perfume? Fragrances are chemicals!  And they contribute to all kinds of adverse health effects, as well as allergies, and are known to disrupt hormones.  Years ago when I learned what was in conventional fragrances, perfumes, colognes and other scented products, I was horrified and quit using them on my body and in our home.  But I did miss them so over the years years non toxic perfume making with essential oils became a hobby of mine.  I hope you enjoy our truly natural fragrance, made completely from natural essential oils & absolutes, many of which are also organic.   

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