Why you should choose unscented organic deodorant

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Why use unscented deodorant? Fragrances are chemicals! And they contribute to all kinds of adverse health effects and are known to disrupt hormones. We go into more details on the dangers of fragrances in this post

You have to read the ingredients closely, because some items labeled as unscented actually contain fragrance that is used to mask the unpleasant scent of the product without it.  Eeewww!

Maybe you are someone who likes to wear a different scent depending on your mood?  What if your deodorant scent clashes with your perfume for the day?  A plus of using an unscented deodorant is that it won't compete with your fragrance if you choose to wear one.  (Maybe you don't have a fragrance to wear, but would love more than anything to have a truly natural perfume - we got you!  Check our essential oil perfumes that are made completely from essential oils that are fully disclosed in the ingredients. We sell sample sizes too!)  

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Why is unscented deodorant better? A truly unscented deodorant won't contain any fragrances, which are know to contribute to adverse health effects and disrupt hormones.

Why you should use organic deodorant? We think everyone can benefit from making the switch from conventional antiperspirants to natural deodorant. Our original formula works really, really well for more people, and it has a money back guarantee, so why not give it a try and see what you think?

Why do people buy natural deodorant?  Most people make the switch to natural deodorant because they want to avoid the gland clogging stuff in antiperspirants.  

Is using natural deodorant better?  We think so!  Our armpits are intended to sweat and we don't think that clogging up that natural function with an antiperspirant is a good idea.