Why Natural Deodorants Really Work

Why Natural Deodorants Really Work

Natural deodorant is a rising trend. People are starting to invest more in organic, chemical-free products that are better for them and the world we live in. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many people still have questions such as what natural deodorant is, what the ingredients are, and—most importantly—does it really work? It’s important to learn more about the products that make up your daily health and beauty routine. Get all the answers you need with this explanation of why natural deodorants really work and why you should make the switch today.

Getting To the Source of the Problem

In order to make an effective deodorant, you need to understand why body odor occurs in the first place. It’s not your sweat that creates an unpleasant smell—the problem occurs when that sweat mixes with the bacteria that grows naturally on your skin. While antiperspirants and traditional deodorants try to solve the issue by blocking your sweat glands or masking the smell, natural deodorants focus on getting to the source of the problem. The ingredients in natural deodorant work to fight off the bacteria on your skin, thus removing the source of any unpleasant odors.

Healthier Skin, Healthier You

Antiperspirants and traditional deodorants can effectively block sweat or get rid of body odor, but they also come with unpleasant side effects. For example, antiperspirants use aluminum to block your sweat glands and prevent sweat. While this is effective, it can also cause bumps, rashes, or other forms of skin irritation. The artificial ingredients in traditional deodorants can do the same thing. This is where natural deodorant has the upper hand. Part of why natural deodorants really work is because they can combat bacteria without these harmful side effects. In fact, many of these ingredients—such as coconut oil and shea butter—also act as natural moisturizers. This means that natural deodorant leaves your skin smooth, glowing, and healthy.

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