Why Most Deodorants Are Bad for the Environment

Why Most Deodorants Are Bad for the Environment

Like many of the products you use, your deodorant impacts the world around you. From the materials used to store and ship it to the actual chemical ingredients it’s comprised of, almost every stick or spray can of deodorant or antiperspirant leaves a mark on the environment. Find out why deodorants are bad for the environment and what you can do to negate that effect in your life.

Air Pollution

Spray deodorants and antiperspirants create the most obvious and perhaps most dangerous threat to the environment. Every time you use spray-on deodorant or antiperspirant, you’re releasing chemicals into the air. These sprays likely contain the largest amount of volatile organic compounds. These compounds help produce ground-level ozone, which is a key component in the formation of smog—a major source of pollution in our atmosphere.

Water Pollution

Many deodorants—along with other skincare products—contain an antibacterial chemical called triclosan. This ingredient serves to reduce and prevent bacterial contamination, thus preventing body odor. However, when triclosan washes off your body, it goes down your drain and into the waterways. Here it sits on the water’s surface, posing a threat to some of the aquatic organisms within.


One of the reasons why deodorants are bad for the environment is the irresponsible packaging. Many deodorants come in plastic, tin, or other non-recyclable or non-degradable materials. When you don’t pay attention to the packaging materials that come with your deodorant, you end up contributing to the excessive trash that pollutes the environment.

Ways You Can Help

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid these negative environmental impacts. When you purchase environmentally friendly deodorant through Island Deodorant, you are committing to a greener lifestyle filled with greener products. With recyclable packaging materials and eco-friendly ingredients, Island Deodorant provides health and beauty products that let you take care of yourself and the world around you.