Which is Better, Sugar or Salt Scrub?

Which is Better, Sugar or Salt Scrub?

Let's start with the differences between sugar scrub and salt scrub.  Sugar is a manual exfoliator, so is salt, so they are the same in that way.  Sugar particles tend to be smaller and smoother making them more gentle.  Salt can be a rougher particle so it's more abrasive than sugar, BUT that makes it perfect for the rougher skin like on hands and feet, salt also detoxes so that's a plus for smelly hands.  

bowl of white salt with wooden spoon, which is better sugar or salt scrub

What does a salt scrub do?  Our key lime sea salt scrub for hands, is used at the sink.  First you apply a scoop to dry hands, using the little included spoon (this is to keep from contaminating the rest of the jar with any dirt or bacteria on your hands).  Then you rub it all over your hands to exfoliate, and help remove dirt and/or smells (anyone here a mechanic? or enjoy cooking with garlic or onions?).  Rinse to remove the salt, and pat dry trying not to wipe off all of the lingering coconut oil.  

What is sea salt scrub used for? We like use it for our hands, but it could also be used on your feet, and elbows.  It's a great exfoliator, great for detoxing smells, and the coconut oil is a moisturizer.

Are salt scrubs good for your skin?  Yes, sea salt scrubs are ideal to use on rougher skin.  Plus the salt contains trace minerals, so that's a bonus!

How often should I used a salt scrub?  We like to use ours at least once a day, followed by our body cream.  You can use it more if you like, just keep on eye on how well your hands do with the exfoliation, 10 times a day might be too much, but everyone is different so you be the judge of that.  

So which is Better, Sugar or Salt Scrub?  It depends on what you are looking for, but for hands, we like salt because it is so good at removing dead skin, dirt, and smells!  You can learn more about our sea salt scrub for hands here - it is made with organic key lime essential oil and the scent is delicious!