The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Organic Deodorant

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1. Organic deodorant is NOT an antiperspirant.  You will still sweat.

2. Sweating is good!  It is one of your body's ways of removing toxins.

3. Conventional deodorants are antiperspirants, and they work by blocking your sweat glands so you can't sweat.

4. Organic deodorant allows you to sweat, but it also contains ingredients that help prevent the sweat from becoming odorous.  

5. Detox!  When you quit using antiperspirants, your body has to clear them from your sweat glands.  It can be a very stinky process for some people.  Other people might get a rash.  This is the toxins coming out of your body.  

6. Everyone's body chemistry is different.  What works for one person might not work for another, because of their different body chemistry.  If the deodorant your best friend uses doesn't work for you, try one with completely different ingredients.  Don't quit until you find something.  Tip: Look for companies that offer money back guarantees!

7. Hormone changes, health changes, diets & detoxes can all affect your body chemistry and how well (or not) your deodorant works.  You might need to use something else in the meantime.  This is normal.  

8. Chose an unscented organic deodorant.   A truly unscented deodorant won't contain any fragrances, which are know to contribute to adverse health effects and disrupt hormones.  More about fragrances here.

9. Don't necessarily worry about organic certification.  Read the ingredients, look for ingredients that you easily understand, a lot of them are probably organic, but also keep in mind that some ingredients can't be obtained as organic (like candelilla wax) but it's been chosen as a better alternative to beeswax (which can be obtained as organic, but isn't kind to bees).  Research the company - start by looking to see if they fully disclose their ingredients.  Here at Island Deodorant we fully disclose every ingredient we use.  

10. Beware of Crystal / Salt Deodorants  They also contain aluminum!  It's marketed as a natural aluminum, but even still one natural health Dr. says "Even though aluminum is widely distributed in the earth’s crust, it is NOT needed in ANY amounts in your body. All evidence to date points to aluminum as a poison that serves no beneficial role in your body and should be avoided." Quote taken from this article. And here's another one from the Organic Consumer's Association

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FAQ about Organic Deodorant

Is organic deodorant better for you? Yes, it is!  It doesn't block your sweat glands, which has been linked to health concerns.  

What is the healthiest deodorant to use?  Pick an organic deodorant with ingredients you understand.  We think ours is a great one to try, and since we offer a money back guarantee there is no risk!

Why do people buy natural deodorant?  Most people make the switch to natural deodorant because they want to avoid the gland clogging stuff in antiperspirants.  

Is using natural deodorant better?  We think so!  Our armpits are intended to sweat and we don't think that clogging up that natural function with an antiperspirant is a good idea.

What is the most harmful ingredient in deodorant?  Aluminum is the ingredient most people are concerned about.  We have an article on it here