The BEST Organic Hair Oil - and what that means!

A few years ago, I set out to find the best organic hair oil for my hair.  There were so many options that it was hard to know what to pick!  Finally after a few failed attempts and a greasy head, I came up with a method. First I researched all the oils to find the ones with the best properties for hair (there are a lot!) and then I got my hands on each of them them and tried them one at a time - both on my hair and my face.  Is there any better test than how an oil feels on your face?! 

small glass container of golden oil

I was looking for oils that wouldn't leave my hair, or my face, feeling greasy, with bonus points awarded if it absorbed quickly. And the winners were: evening primrose oil, meadowfoam oil, abyssinian oil, camelina oil & rosehips seed oil!  I tried them different combinations and ratios in order to come up with our 5 oil blend.  

Which organic oil is best for hair? The driest feeling oil was evening primrose oil for hair, and the greasiest feeling oil was argan oil for hair.  The two were such a contrast that I decided to leave argan oil out of our signature 5 oil blend.  I know you hear it raved about all over the internet, and there are some hair types that thrive with argan oil, so we do offer a blend that includes argan oil as well.  

Which is the purest hair oil? The purest oils are cold pressed (meaning they are not refined using a chemical process), and of course an organic hair oil means it's free of pesticides and herbicides.  All the oils in our organic hair oil blend are both cold pressed and organic.  

How to use hair oil without making hair greasy? First assess your needs. Is your hair dry all over, or just on the ends? If it's just dry on the ends, use the dropper to dispense 2 - 6 drops on your hand (2 drops might be enough for fine or thin hair, thick or course hair might need 6 drops or more), and rub your hands together to distribute the oil evenly.  Then carefully glide your oiled hands over just the parts of your hair that are dry. 
If you are into using essential oils for your hair or scalp health, our organic hair oil makes the best carrier oil for hair!  You can add your essential oils right into our bottle.   

Our dry feeling Organic Hair Oil comes in a small 1/3 oz bottle that makes a nice trial size,
as well as larger more economically priced bottles with free shipping.

Our Organic Hair Oil with Argan comes in a small 1/3 oz trial or travel size,
as well as larger more economically priced bottles with free shipping.