Not Happy with your DIY Essential Oil Perfume?

If you are like me, then you learned about the health effects of using perfume, cologne, fragrance, whatever name you called it, you quit using it but you miss having a signature scent. Maybe you even tried to find a truly natural fragrance and discovered like I did that a lot of the companies advertising clean perfumes aren't fully disclosing their ingredients. I take that as 'we aren't going to tell you what it actually is because it's not good', after all if it was just essential oils they would be proud of that and would fully disclose it!  

You decided essential oils were a good option and set out to make a DIY essential oil perfume. If you have a decent collection of essential oils you probably made

✔ Lavender

✔ Sweet orange or lemon

✔ Peppermint

But let's be honest, smelling like just lavender or just lemon gets old and you long for something more complex. 

Did you know that perfumes are made up of top, middle and base notes? This article from Mountain Rose Herbs will explain this for you if it's new to you. The more popular conventional perfumes contains lots of different notes, all blended and aged together to become something new and special. That's why making a special organic perfume at home can be difficult. But it can be done! Do lots of research. There is a lot of information available on the internet about the different notes of essential oils, evaporation rates, tenacity, how to blend them (along with suggestions for combinations).  

Maybe you know this and have looked into it, but then found it was expensive to get your hands on the many of the more interesting scents to make a non toxic perfume.

My favorite discovery was sample sizes!  You can buy tiny sample sizes of essential oils for perfume. My favorite source is Eden Botanicals, a lot of their essential oils are available in sample sizes, which is such a treat if you are wanting to expand your choices for blending your own organic perfume.  

Over the years non toxic perfume making with essential oils became a hobby of mine. I found I really enjoy blending different essential oils together to come up with something complex and new.  I have several blends I have been perfecting for years that we now sell on our website.  If you don't have the patience for learning about to improve your DIY essential oil perfume game, you can try ours - they are all available in sample sizes.  

We have masculine, feminine, and unisex blends

Tropical Vanilla Island Flower, our feminine scent, includes the exotic flowers plumeria & ylang ylang, the warmth of coconut & almond, and the creaminess of vanilla & tonka bean blended into a long lasting island inspired vanilla floral. 

Creamy Coconut Lime, our unisex scent, has crisp and sweet lime, the warmth of coconut & almond, the creaminess of vanilla with the sweet woodiness of cedarwood atlas & sandalwood blended together in a refreshing, creamy scent. 

Dreamy Sandalwood Tonka, our masculine scent, has the bright but subtle fruitiness of melissa & roman chamomile, the sweetness of tonka bean, and the woodiness of sandalwood & fossilized amber blended into a lasting fresh & clean scent that is really dreamy. If you want a natural cologne for men, give this one a try!      

Simply Vanilla, our pure vanilla scent, is a creamy buttery vanilla scent, that is not musky or flowery.

If you aren't happy with your essential oils for perfume, give ours a try! 
Our samples are a great way to try all our blends.  



Can I make my own perfume out of essential oils? Yes you can!  There are lots of recipes online.  All you need is at least 1 essential oil that you enjoy the scent of, a carrier oil, and a roller bottle.  

What essential oils can be used as perfume? Any skin safe essential oil that you enjoy the scent of.

Can you make perfume out of essential oils and water? Essential oils will not mix with water, using a carrier oil like jojoba oil or fractionated coconut oil is ideal.

What are the best essential oils for perfume making? I enjoy florals like ylang ylang, plumeria, and rose, I love vanilla, tonka, vetiver, and sandalwood for basenotes.  There are so many options, that it's best to do a bunch of research and pick what sounds good to you, and then just give it a try!  Natural perfumery is a lot of trial and error.  If you don't have the time, money, or patience for it right now, get some samples and see if you like one of our essential oil perfumes.  

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