Is your clean perfume actually clean?

Is your clean perfume actually clean?
Well, that depends on your definition of clean and what your overall goal is when looking for a clean perfume.

When you set out to search the internet for a clean perfume, what were you hoping to find? Were you hoping to find better ingredients? Or like me, do you want something that is completely natural, meaning nothing toxic or questionable and nothing synthetic? Something using only ingredients that come from nature and are minimally processed?

If your goal is to find something truly natural and completely non-synthetic, than I hate to tell you that most of the brands that are turning up in your search results are not clean. Don’t take my word for it though, look for the ingredients on the websites. Often they hard to find and you have to wade through all their glowing praise of all the things they don’t use, but keep looking and eventually you will find out that they still contain synthetic fragrance.

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By now you are probably wondering do natural perfumes exist? Yes! They are rare though. And usually they are not comparable to conventional perfumes. In my opinion a natural perfume should be made of essential oils and absolutes made directly from fragrant things found in nature. These natural elements can not begin to compare with synthetically created fragrances, so if your ideal natural perfume would work exactly like your favorite conventional perfume, I'll tell you straight up you will be disappointed. The natural elements just don’t have the staying power that synthetic fragrances do. However, I have found that by using certain essential oils and absolutes that have more tenacity, and lower evaporation rates, I can create something that performs better than your average homemade essential oil perfume blend. The more popular conventional perfumes contains lots of different notes, all blended and aged together to become something new and special. Our organic essential oil perfumes are made similarly, which gives us a more complex, longer lasting scent compared to most essential oil perfumes.

I have spent years blending by hand all our essential oil perfumes 

On our website we provide full ingredient disclosure, meaning we tell you every single ingredient in our truly clean perfume.  Our perfumes contain 20% essential oils & absolutes, mixed with 80% jojoba oil (we can also use fractionated coconut oil).  

We have masculine, feminine, and unisex blends 
Tropical Vanilla Island Flower, Creamy Coconut Lime, Dreamy Sandalwood Tonka, Simply Vanilla (and a few more currently in the works) 
We have samples and full size bottles, you can find here 

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 Frequently asked questions about clean perfume

Is clean perfume natural? No, usually it’s not. Almost all perfumes, even those marketed as clean, or non-toxic, contain synthetic fragrance.

What is considered a clean perfume? That, my friend, is entirely up to marketing. In my opinion a clean perfume should be free of toxins and synthetic ingredients.

You will have to dig deep to find ingredients lists for most perfumes marketed as clean, but once you find them, you'll see they contain synthetic fragrances.  

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