Best Baking Soda Free Deodorant

Are you looking for a baking soda free natural deodorant? Or are you wondering 'should deodorant be baking soda free?' Or maybe 'what does baking soda free deodorant even mean?'

Don't worry! I've got you. I have heard from lots of baking soda sensitive people over the 10+ years I have been in business so I will share what I have learned.

First off, most natural deodorants contain baking soda. Why? Because it is super effective at preventing odor. And since most people do fine with it, they are able to use natural deodorant and have great odor protection without having to resort to conventional antiperspirants. Yay! However, some people are sensitive to baking soda in deodorant. Boo! Sometimes it’s right from the start, and other times it happens after time. There is no one reason for this. Changes in your body might be the cause (think hormones, detoxing, diet, we really don’t know why) but most likely it’s a different reason for each person, after all our bodies are super complex and we all have different backgrounds, health histories and diets, among a million other things.

small bowl with baking soda with a red x over it
If you are one of those people who can’t use an organic deodorant with baking soda, I hear you.  And I know you get frustrated really fast, because baking soda free deodorants do not work universally well for people. They are very hit or miss in whether a particular deodorants formula/ingredient combination will be effective for you. Trust me, I have heard from lots of sensitive people over the years and this is what they all say. So I am here to tell you, you will likely need to try a few different sensitive deodorants to find your best match. When you are shopping, you HAVE to look at the ingredients. Most of them have very similar ingredients, so if you keep buying baking soda free deodorants with similar ingredients you are going to be disappointed. This is super important so I am going to say it one more time if you keep buying baking soda free deodorants with similar ingredients you are going to be disappointedSo, read the ingredient lists, and look for different ingredients when you pick your next one to try. Also look for money back guarantees! If you can find a company that will refund you if it doesn’t work, that makes your search a lot cheaper.

-Island Deodorant's Sensitive/Baking Soda Free deodorant- is unique!  It contains zinc oxide which you don't see too often in deodorants, but it also contains the more commonly used magnesium, clay, and arrowroot too, so it covers a broader range of people. Please know, it DOES NOT work perfectly for everyone, however we do have a money back guarantee, and it does have a very loyal following for those it does work for. You can read the reviews on our website here  and even more reviews on Amazon here.  
NOTE: the lowest prices will always be on our website.


A note about ingredients. I have noticed that a lot of sensitive deodorants have a long list of ingredients that are hard to pronounce. It’s a personal choice if you are okay with that or not. Here at Island Deodorant I like to keep our ingredients as simple as possible so our Senstive formula contains only Coconut Oil*, Magnesium Hydroxide, Wildcrafted Candelilla Wax, Arrowroot Powder*, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Kaolin Clay, Jojoba Oil* and Probiotics (*organic).

Bonus Tip! Some of my customers have found that while their baking soda free natural deodorant works good enough for a normal day, it's not great for an extra active or a hotter day. Some of them have told me that they are able to layer a baking soda deodorant ON TOP OF their sensitive deodorant for occasional use, and it gives them the extra odor protection boost that they need!  It seems like they do fine with it because the layer of the baking soda free deodorant that goes on first protects their skin.  Of course not everyone can do this, but some people can occasionally, so I want to be sure you know about it.

 So now you know that the BEST baking soda free deodorant isn’t a simple answer.
However with some time and ingredient reading you can definitely find the best baking soda free deodorant for yourself!


Other FAQ Questions

What natural deodorant doesn't have baking soda? There are a lot of options! If you do an internet search lots will come up. Remember to check the ingredient list and watch for money back guarantees.

What is the best substitute for baking soda in deodorant? That’s a tricky question but our testing has shown both magnesium hydroxide and zinc oxide are good deodorizers, and work even better when used together.